Insurance Information

Insurance Information
Having a stroke is a life-changing event. It’s common that you may need to go through multiple tests or procedures, in addition to rehabilitation and modifying your home to support safety and mobility. Knowing what your insurance policy covers is important.

What to Do if You Have Questions
As you’re probably well aware, the insurance process can be a little tricky. We try to help you understand and manage this process as easily as possible.

Initial emergency care happens quickly, but recovery and rehabilitation are a long process. Some insurance companies require a pre-authorization before some kinds of treatment, even if you had a doctor referral. Or, some insurance companies may not cover specific tests or procedures, meaning you’ll be responsible for the entire cost.

After your doctor recommends a service or procedure, it’s a good idea to call your insurance company to determine what services are covered, and if any pre-authorization is needed. Contact your insurance provider by calling the number listed on your insurance card (remember to bring this card with you to every appointment, too).

Moving forward, if you have questions about a bill, call the hospital or clinic where you received services (there should be a phone number on your bill). If you haven’t received a bill yet, call your insurance company to find out how much (or if) you’ll be billed.