Colder Weather Sets In

Posted 15 October 2014 1:14 PM by TCAuthor3

By Jeff Maciejewski, Project Engineer, Boldt

As colder weather starts to set in, there is an increased focus on completing the building enclosure before winter arrives. Over the next couple of weeks there will be a concentrated effort to expedite the remaining exterior work activities. These activities include completing the remaining brick veneer, and installation of the windows and glass curtain walls.  

Currently the masonry work is about 80 percent complete and nearly half of the windows have been installed. The schedule shows the building being completely weather-tight by the end of November.  

While the exterior work is starting the wind down, work on the interior continues to ramp up. The average daily total for workers on site is now around 130. Second floor is still where the majority of work is taking place. The interior wall framing and rough-ins of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems have advanced far enough that drywall work has been able to begin. Once drywall in an area is complete, the interior finishes like painting and installing cabinetry can begin.