Patients to Direct Donations to Services They Choose

Posted 17 February 2015 11:50 AM by TCAuthor3

By Linda Gilbert, SMC Foundation Director


“Tell the staff that they are the best.”

“Your nurses are my angels. They made my whole family feel comfortable.”

Patients and family members at Shawano Medical Center often send cards of thanks, with sentiments like the quotes above, to the staff who took care of them. It’s only natural to feel a close connection to the people who were there for you during the most challenging – and sometimes the most joyous—moments of life.

Sometimes, patients want to do more to acknowledge the care they received. A new designation of restricted funds by the Shawano Medical Center Foundation will allow grateful patients to direct donations to services that mean the most to them. Of course, this option is not just for patients, but for anyone who wishes to donate to a specific health care service.

The new fund categories were recently adopted by the SMC Foundation. The Foundation is in the process of wrapping up Living Well Together, the capital campaign directed at the construction of ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano. When the new medical center opens, the Foundation’s work will be far from over. In fact, support for patients, staff, and community wellness will be even more in demand. Unlike the capital campaign, though, contributions to the Foundation aren’t used immediately. Foundation funds are invested and the earnings support Foundation grants into the future.

Donors to the Foundation are now able to choose what their donations will support. They can choose to simply give to the Foundation and have the proceeds used for any Foundation project. Or they can choose to have their donation support Friends of Hospice, oncology, the Family Birth Center, emergency department, staff education, palliative (comfort, rather than curative) care, rehabilitation services, or radiology.

The Foundation has allocated $10,000 to the Family Birth Center, Emergency and Staff Education funds. Earnings on that will become available for grants as the funds grow.

If you would like to find out more about the new SMC Foundation restricted funds, please drop me a note at lindaSMC.gilbert@