ThedaCare Foundation - Shawano: Exploring the Possibilities

Posted 2 September 2015 1:16 PM by TCAuthor3

By Carol Ryczek, community relations manager, Shawano Medical Center

So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable. –Christopher Reeve

Sometimes it’s fun to do the impossible. – Walt Disney

A new medical center in a small, rural city. Impossible. A building that is both beautiful and efficient, bright but energy efficient, welcoming but private, modern as an iPad and comfortable as a favorite chair.  A capital campaign that will raise over $2 million in two years’ time. Impossible, impossible – absolutely impossible.

Except, a new, beautiful, efficient, patient friendly medical center will open this month, in Shawano, Wis. Some of the things that make it beautiful, efficient and patient-friendly are the result of a successful $2.3 million capital campaign. The community summoned its will, and what seemed impossible is now a reality.

The ThedaCare Foundation-Shawano, under the guidance of Linda Gilbert and ThedaCare Foundation staff, and under the leadership of Holly Zander and the Foundation board, raised the money for this from individuals and businesses throughout the area. The community responded generously when they saw what their donations would mean for patients.

“The beauty of the landscape on the outside and the artwork on the interior makes the building look so inviting,’” Holly said. “Some local artists were commissioned to create works specifically for the space. The nurse call system and telephone upgrades will be state of the art, paid for with Foundation funds. The Hospice suite has been a dream of Friends of Hospice for many years and will be a place for hospice patients and their families to nestle in and be more comfortable.

“The community has been very generous because this new medical center will serve the Shawano area for many generations,” she added.

What is next for this successful group? Through its grant program, the Foundation will continue to support ongoing projects such as pet therapy, Alzheimer’s care and massage for cancer patients. Friends of Hospice will continue to provide an extra touch of kindness for Hospice patients and families.

There will be new projects, new challenges, as technology improves and medicine advances. And who knows? Anything is possible.