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Golf Club Swings Can Lead to Shoulder Injuries

Spring is here and many golfers cannot wait to get out on the course. But as with any other sport, it is vital to warm up and prepare your body before the season begins. For most golfers, that means making sure your shoulders are ready to drive the ball down the fairway. Read more

Steven’s Story: What He Told Me Changed My Whole Life

He was on my side. He wanted to see me succeed and if I started eating better, quit smoking and get some exercise I may just be alright. His approach was my wake-up call. The very day I was diagnosed was the day I made a change. Read more

Noelle’s Story: In Mom-Crazy Moments, Dr. Ken Centers Me

I want to try things naturally first. Dr. Ken’s been so great about that. But at times, he will honestly say, for example, “Wren really needs an antibiotic.” And I know he’s doing what’s in the best interest of my kids because I know he respects that I prefer a more natural approach. Read more

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