Andrea’s Story: Being with someone who knew CPR saved my life

I was five weeks post-partum and it was a typical Saturday of running errands and working around the house with my husband, Luke. I went out to the garage to get something and didn’t return. Luke found me unconscious across the threshold. He had taken CPR certification through work, so after putting the baby in his seat and calling 911, he administered CPR. It was lifesaving. Once at the hospital, I went into cardiac arrest again and eventually had to be put into a medically induced coma. The doctors didn’t know exactly what my brain function would ultimately be, but because Luke knew CPR, I’ve recovered, fully functioning. Otherwise I would either be dead or brain dead.

I’ve always been very active, played sports, and worked out daily even through my pregnancy. I had no prior health issues and certainly had nothing that would indicate any heart problems. We travel a lot, and just knowing I could’ve been on top of a mountain, in a third-world country, or on the other side of the globe makes me thankful I was in my home community. If this would’ve have happened while traveling, I don’t think I would’ve received the same quality of care that ThedaCare gave. It’s a testament to the ER and heart doctors, nurses and staff, and of course my husband that I’m here today and able to live my life.