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Meal Planning Brings Healthy to The Table

In recognition of National Nutrition Month this month, ThedaCare registered dietitian Lori Knapp encourages meal planning as a way to live healthier lives. “Meal planning helps us avoid the pitfall of convenience foods,” said Knapp, who works at ThedaCare Medical Center-New London. Read more

Get Creative to Ward off Winter Workout Blues

Athletes of any age are ramping up for spring and summer sports. The off-season for many youth can leave them without a place to practice or a squad to scrimmage. After all, volleyball kids don’t have access to the gym during basketball season, and baseball kids can only dream of green grass in the midst of wintery weather. But now is the opportune time to make pre-season changes to your exercise, nutrition, and personal routines to increase your chance for a successful season. Read more

Skip Supplements to Boost Performance

During the past few years, I have noticed more teen athletes are turning to supplements to make themselves stronger, faster and have increased endurance. I appreciate they want to improve their athletic performance, but ingesting supplements is not the way to go since they may do more harm than good. Read more

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