How Can I Make My Child's Medical Information Available to Others in an Emergency?

My child has some serious medical conditions and may require medical care when I am not around.  Is there anything I can do to make medical information available to others?

There are many types of medical identification available for your child.  A simple bracelet can be found on websites such as Medic Alert. If you would like to try something at a lower cost, making an identification tag at the hardware store or pet shop can accomplish the same task.

If you don’t want your child to wear something made of metal, you can try looking into a bracelet made of plastic. An example of a company that sells this type of information is You can customize it with allergies and some illnesses.

If your child has complicated medical issues, you can keep a flashdrive with the information in your child’s bag, your purse, etc. This may be cumbersome to use and a computer with a USB port may not be available when you need one. There are programs online that you can download with forms to complete a medical history that medical personnel can access.

And finally, there are bracelets that hide a QR code (scan code) so that first responders can provide appropriate care. An example of a company that sells this bracelet can be found on

Your child’s medical information can make a difference in certain emergency situations. If your child has a serious allergy or medical condition, your child’s healthcare provider can help you choose the best information resource for your child.

By Dr. Sharon Rink, pediatrician, ThedaCare Physicians-Pediatrics in Darboy