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High Cholesterol Levels Can Hurt Your Heart

Whether you are trying to prevent a second cardiac event or avoid heart problems all together, lipids and cholesterol levels play a vital role in your heart health since high levels can clog arteries and prevent blood flow to or from the heart. Read more

Health Screenings Every Adult Should Have

“The first step in preventive care is to find a primary care provider and schedule an annual physical,” said Dr. Pischke. “That’s when a doctor and patient have time to really talk and get to know one another.” Read more

Don't Shy Away From Colonoscopies

When I tell patients they are due for a colonoscopy, they may get a bit squeamish or try to change the subject. Colonoscopies are an essential cancer screening for everyone over the age of 50. Read more

Look Deep into Your Heart

“Half of all heart attacks lead to death, yet most heart attacks are preventable. They happen because people have no idea they have heart disease,” said Glenn Huth, MD, a vascular internist with ThedaCare Cardiovascular Care. “A coronary calcium scan is the easiest, most affordable way to find out your risk of heart disease.” Read more

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