Weight Loss Resources

Need help to lose weight?  Check out these local options.

Our community is full of resources, help and support to encourage you in your effort to lose weight.  Follow-up on just one of these ideas - and start feeling better about yourself, today!

  • Sign up for a community class on diet, nutrition or exercise.  Click here to see our current program offerings.
  • Check out your local YMCA, or a variety of local fitness clubs or gyms for a variety of exercise options.
  • Join a local walking or running group.
  • Start watching what you eat, online.  There are many website to help you easily keep a food diary.  A food diary will help you understand exactly what you are eating and how much.  Most of us think we know this...and when we write it down, we're usually surprised!
  • Try any number of popular weight loss programs, and go with one you can stick with for the long haul.
  • Make an appointment with your doctor.  Your doctor wants you to be healthy - for so many reasons!  And if you'd benefit from additional support from a dietitian or personal trainer, or from learning more about bariatric surgery, your doctor will connect you.