Care Experiences at ThedaCare

Good, Better, Best

Everyone faces different care challenges and needs different levels of care and resources. ThedaCare delivers coordinated care with compassion and quality — no matter what your particular situation. Now, the ACA is shining the light on quality efforts even more and rewarding physicians not for the number of patients and procedures, but based on the quality of their outcomes and overall cost value. It is moving healthcare toward paying for value. ThedaCare is more than ready for that shift.

Outpatient Care

Seeing your family doctor, completing a simple screening or experiencing a day procedure are common yet important parts of outpatient care. Our goal is to make your experience effective and efficient, so you can quickly get back on your feet. Your primary care provider is your most important health partner, and feeling at home with your local clinic is key. ThedaCare Physicians accommodate your busy life through extended office hours and same-day appointments at many of our 22 clinics.

#1 in State

Number 1 in WisconsinSince 2004, ThedaCare Physicians has shared how we’re doing on chronic and preventive care measures with the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ), an organization that helps patients compare physician groups based on care outcomes. We now hold the #1 position in the state for overall quality as measured by WCHQ. That means we’re actively changing patient lives:

  • The 88 percent of women who we screen for cervical cancer each year are more likely to play with their grandkids.
  • Thanks to our improvements in breast cancer screening, more than 900 local women are less likely to die from breast cancer than they were in 2010.
  • Our number one ranking in diabetes control means our patients have fewer complications, greater control and less chronic disease.
  • More than four out of five ThedaCare Physicians patients with high blood pressure have their blood pressure well-controlled.


Our community FastCare locations offer walk-in care to anyone 18 months and older. A visit is just $69, and you can get quick treatment and medication for everyday health concerns like sore throats or ear aches. Plus, your visit is connected to your regular doctor through the electronic medical record.

Senior Care

We believe in providing a spectrum of care for our patients, especially the elderly who might be transitioning through several stages of care in a short period of time, from independent living, assisted living, therapy services and skilled nursing. This “aging in place” approach keeps couples close to each other, even if they’re at different stages of care.

“We work across the ThedaCare system to make delivery of nursing home care more consistent,” said Dr. John Barkmeier, ThedaCare Physicians-Senior Care.

Cancer Care

Many health systems offer cancer care. We take it to a new level, walking with patients every step along the way, providing gentle expertise and skillful transitions. “There were so many new doctors – so much I didn’t know,” recalled breast cancer patient Mari Robinson. “My care navigator, Kelly, was the one go-to person to help me figure it out. She took notes if I had questions or if there was a chance I didn’t understand. Then, she gave me the notes. I had so much coming at me, I was completely overwhelmed. Kelly stuck with me.”

Cardiovascular Care

Heart and vascular problems can seriously affect your quality of life. ThedaCare Cardiovascular Care has a highly specialized cardiovascular care team dedicated to getting you well.

Orthopedic Care

When you’re injured, ThedaCare’s team of orthopedic care providers quickly work together to develop a treatment plan that gets the results you want. ThedaCare Orthopedic Care offers all the care services you need at a variety of locations in northeastern Wisconsin.


ThedaCare’s Bariatric Center of Excellence, partnered with Midwest Bariatric Solutions, is the most successful, longest running bariatric program in the area. Two years after surgery, patients experience better results locally than nationally, including significantly reduced reliance on CPAP sleep machines and meds for blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes.

“I walked into the bariatric program and the first thing I felt was that I deserved to be there, that I was cared for. It wasn’t a feeling I was used to from doctors,” said patient Joe Houshour of Menasha. “Now, I look forward to seeing the people who work there. They keep me focused and honest. My self-confidence is better. I can be the life of the party, I go into a place with a spark of confidence and my performance at work is improved.”

Hospital Care

If you find yourself in one of our seven hospitals, you’ll experience care that’s more streamlined, coordinated and connected than most.

Bedside Care

Your care team, made up of a doctor, nurse, pharmacist and care manager, listens to your story together and works with you to develop a plan of care that includes medications, therapies, projected discharge and more. The plan becomes part of your electronic medical record, which all of your care team members can access. Key elements of your care plan are also written on the whiteboard in your hospital room, so everyone is “on the same page” and can make better decisions about your care.

Hospital Care

Our care has resulted in zero medication reconciliation errors upon admission for five years running. We’ve reduced care costs by 25% and improved satisfaction to nearly 100% of patients rating their care 5 of 5.

Discharge Clarity

Discharge can be a confusing time. ThedaCare reduces that confusion (and readmissions!) by calling patients after their discharge to answer questions, review the discharge plan, and confirm medications. Before you leave the hospital, we’ll even schedule your follow-up visit needs so you’ll be better prepared to follow post-discharge treatment plans.

Level II Trauma Care and ThedaStar

While we always hope your health care is about routine minor issues, we’re ready for serious traumatic injuries as well. In fact, ThedaCare Regional Medical Center-Neenah is the longest continuously verified Level II trauma center in Northeast Wisconsin with 24-hour coverage by board-certified emergency medical physicians and specialists. Our partnership with Children’s Hospital of WI-Fox Valley helps us provide pediatric trauma specialists as well, and the ThedaStar Air Medical helicopter helps us reach patients fast, with life-saving help.

Heart Attacks and Stroke Care

Heart attack patients now get faster care that saves valuable heart muscle. Nationally, 90 minutes is the standard time frame for getting heart attack patient from the hospital door into life-saving surgery to restore blood flow. ThedaCare’s median time is half the national standard – 45 minutes. This means increased survival rates and decreased heart damage. Our stroke patients get that same quick and responsive care, too. A similar care process for stroke patients means more of them return to a better quality of life.

Unblock Your Heart

With physicians pioneering a new alternative to open heart surgery, we have the leading program in the country that uses the artery on the inside of a patient’s wrist to unblock major build-up resulting from heart conditions. What’s more, cardiologists from around the world learn this specialized technique from us.

Work It

If you work in the Fox Valley, there’s a good chance you’ll experience ThedaCare at your workplace. ThedaCare At Work manages onsite clinics at 51 employer locations, staffed by a variety of care professionals from physicians to health coaches. Nearly 20,000 community members each year learn more about their individual health situation through our proprietary Health Risk Assessment tool and by taking advantage of healthy workplace programs.


The Pioneer Accountable Care Organization Pilot is a fancy term for an experiment to reduce care costs through the Affordable Care Act. Only 32 programs across the country were selected to participate, and Bellin-ThedaCare Healthcare Partners is a leader high quality, low cost care.

ThedaCare Behavioral Health

Your health isn’t just physical. There’s a lot to be said for maintaining mental health too. Our services cover not only inpatient treatment and group or individual sessions, but also are woven into other healthcare services as support—from bariatrics to cancer care to AODA. ThedaCare Behavioral Health’s strong online presence means help and dialogue are only a click away.

ThedaCare On Call

Sometimes you have a simple healthcare question and you just want an answer now. Our ThedaCare On Call nurse line is the perfect option. Get information or non-emergency health advice from professionals. Give it a try at (920) 830-6877 or (800) 236-2236.

Connect the Docs

You have an entire team of experts at your disposal through ThedaCare’s Electronic Medical Record.

Expert Resources

ThedaCare has joined forces with Mayo Care Clinic Network, so your doctors have access to one of the most trusted names in healthcare for hard-to-solve medical problems.


End of Life Care

Don’t delay this important conversation. You and your loved ones should feel prepared and informed about specific wishes regarding how care proceeds.

Home Care

Patients often need at-home support or equipment after facing a serious health condition. It could be a walker or chair lift, or something as small as an exercise band that helps them keep up with their physical therapy. Home safety inspections and health visits are also offered. Whatever our patients’ home health needs, ThedaCare At Home has them covered.