How the ACA Emphasizes Preventative Care

Preventive care helps you get and stay healthy. The new healthcare law puts more emphasis on preventive measures, prompting patients to look differently at going to the doctor.  It’s not only reserved for when you’re sick.  We’re more than ready for that approach.

Under the new law, most health plans must cover a set of preventive services like immunizations and screening tests at no cost to you. This includes insurance plans offered on Wisconsin’s health insurance exchange, or marketplace.

These plans, and many others offered by employers, must cover a required list of preventive services without charging you a copayment or coinsurance. This is true even if you haven’t met your yearly deductible. You must, however, obtain these services from a network provider.

ThedaCare has an approach to primary care that emphasizes prevention and disease management,” explained Dr. Erin Trost, family practice, Oshkosh. “We focus a lot on making sure people have the appropriate screenings at the appropriate timeframes without overscreening. We’ve done a lot of behind the scenes thinking for how to connect with patients outside of our clinics, too, through calls and follow ups.”

ThedaCare doctors also diagnosing disease early so it can be more effectively treated. We’re partnering with you, our patients, so you can achieve a high quality of life and a longer life, enjoying more family reunions, more birthdays, more special moments. We’re focused on a personal patient experience for each and every patient.

“We work really hard to make the patient experience with us convenient, less expensive, and as comprehensive as possible,” said Holly Hedge, advanced practice nurse practitioner, Oshkosh. “MyThedaCare allows patients to e-mail their provider directly with concerns and questions, which helps eliminate the middleman. We are always looking into ways of improving our delivery of care so that the patient has a better experience and a better outcome.”