Mayo Clinic Care Network

ThedaCare and Mayo Clinic CareNetwork

ThedaCare and Mayo Clinic

Because of our reputation and history as care providers, ThedaCare is the first health care system in Wisconsin to be selected as a Mayo Clinic Care Network member.

  • The Care Network is a collaboration of high quality systems who are interested in working with Mayo Clinic to improve the delivery of health care
  • The focus is to keep care local and provide local specialists access to world-renowned resources.
  • By working with Mayo Clinic in new ways, ThedaCare hopes to offer patients additional peace of mind.

And here's the proof...

In the first 13 months of this remarkable relationship:

  • Engaged 90 ThedaCare-aligned providers across 24 specialties
  • Submitted 253 eConsults allowing consultation with Mayo specialists on complex cases
  • 88% affirmed local treatment and patients staying close to home

What does this mean for our patients? That could mean no tension-filled road trips. No lugging of medical records. No waiting on pins and needles. And, more dinners at home. When complex medical issues arise, our care team can connect with Mayo Clinic about your care and share their expertise with you, here, with the goal of keeping you at home.

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As a leading healthcare organization, we are forever focused on doing our part to address rising healthcare costs. It’s no secret healthcare costs are bankrupting our nation. We need to change course. To do this, we focus on opportunities to remove unnecessary cost from care delivery. By keeping your care close to home, we can help streamline care planning and delivery—reducing costs and improving results. You will realize a reduced need for travel for complex medical issues.  And, the healthcare system as a whole will work more efficiently; directing patients to the proper care plan, at the best location for them.

News conference for ThedaCare and Mayo Clinic Care Network